Threepenny Bit, the Hampshire based Concert/Ceilidh Band!

Who Are We?

'Threepenny Bit' 'Thrupenny Bit' 'Three Penny Bit' 'Small Change'...

Threepenny Bit are a unique example of how traditional dance tunes and contemporary influence can blend together into a totally fresh interpretation of folk music. This raucous 8-piece band combines a group of diehard folkies with some of the finest young jazz and classical musicians in the south to create a truly original sound. 2014 has been the biggest year yet for the band who have performed at Sidmouth, Bath, Oxford, Chippenham, Purbeck and Rochester folk festivals among others as well as a host of other concert and ceilidh appearances.


Pantomime Canon is an attempt by the band to take the energy of their formidable live performances and capture it on record. For more information, please see our Releases page.

What We Can Provide

Threepenny Bit play for private functions and ceilidhs in the South of England. The band also has a caller, who shouts out the dance steps for the ceilidh, to have you up on your feet and dancing the night away!


Their arrangements are fresh and unrestricted. Their approach accomplished and natural.

~ Folkwords

Threepenny Bit is an impressive example of how well contemporary elements can be intertwined seamlessly with the reflective qualities of traditional folk sounds. In a short space of time, their music has already sparked great interest and esteem in the British folk scene.

~ Bright Young Folk

Videos! Busking, gigging, and rehearsing..:

Two videos from our summer Discovery Centre ceilidh in 2013:

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